The fleet dashboard gives you an overview of the fleet and allows for more efficient management of fleet assets and fleet WO.


You must have the fleet asset user role to access the fleet dashboard.

How to Open the Dashboard

  1. Open the AssetPath Portal using the navigator.

  2. Scroll to the Fleet section and press Dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

Within the fleet dashboard, you are able to view:

Fleet Readiness
Percentage of your fleet which are ready for use
Total Fleet Cost
Total cost of your fleet assets
Under Maintenance
Number of fleet assets currently in maintenance
Overdue Maintenance
Number of fleet assets with overdue maintenances
Maintenance Last Month
Number of maintenances in the previous month
Maintenance This Month
Current number of fleet assets which have maintenance this month
Repairs Last Month
Repairs opened last month
Repairs This Month
Repairs opened this month
Vehicle Breakdown
Distribution of vehicles by model
Fleet Breakdown
Distribution of vehicles by type
Work Order Breakdown
Distribution of work orders by type
Fleet Assets
Fleet assets for the current period