Classifications allow items and systems to be built into a hierarchy of parent/child relationships. Adding a child to a parents will allow the child item to inherit properties from the parent.


To add classifications, you must have the classification_user role


  1. In the Service Management Navigator, select Stave AssetPath > Configuration > Classifications.

  2. Press the New button at the top of the table. This will bring you to a new record form.

  3. New Classification Form

    Unique Identifier for the classification.
    Classification name.
    Class Type
    Classification type.
    Parent classification.
    Check if classification is actively running.
    Estimated Cost
    Estimated cost for failure.
    Describes the classification hierarchy which includes classification parents.
    Short Description
    A written short description of the classification.
    Work Assignment
    Group assigned to classification.
    Show Safety Links on work order
    Check to show safety links on work orders under the classification.
    Style for Safety Information
    Styling for safety information.
    Safety information header
    Safety information title header.
    Safety msg details
    Safety information body text.
    Safety msg details sp
    Details shown in the service portal UI.
  4. Once the form is filled out, press the Submit button located at the bottom. This creates a new record in the classification table.