Failure prediction is important when vehicles, materials, and other items are a company's assets. With AssetPath, you can create Failure Definitions, as well as view and manage asset services


Must have the Failure Report Definitions User role.


  1. Navigate to Stave AssetPath > Failure Reporting > New Failure Report Definition.

  2. New Failure Report Definition Form

    Unique identifier.
    Asset Class
    Classification table for the asset.
    Meter Field
    Tracking field for assets that use meters.
    MTF (Mean Time to Failure)
    Mean time before a failure occurs. Used for failures that cannot be repaired.
    MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
    Predicted mean time between failures. Used when the failure can be repaired.
    MTF Meter
    Mean time to failure meter is tracked/updated.
    MTBF Meter
    Mean time between failures meter is tracked/updated.
    Failure Count
    Number of failures.
    Can Repair?
    Check if the item can be repaired.
    Model of the asset.
    Start Time Field
    Select the field that indicates start time.
    Records Generated
    Record is generated when a failure is set.
  3. Fill out the Failure Report Definition form