When inventory is recorded as an asset, it will need to be audited. With AssetPath, you are able to easily run audits on your inventory.


To create and run an audit, you must have AssetPath installed from the ServiceNow Store, and have the inventory_audit_user role or higher.


  1. Open Stave AssetPath > Inventory > All Inventory Audits.

  2. Press New.

  3. Inventory Audit New Record

  4. Fill in the form with the appropriate information.

  5. Field
    Unique number for the audit.
    Mode for if the items are consumables, non-consumables, of either.
    Inventory Item
    Reference to the Assets table. Select the item which is audited.
    Stockroom associated with the inventory item.
    Quantity of the inventory which the system has recorded.
    Table associated with the non-consumable
    Physical Count
    Actual quantity of the inventory item
    Identifier Field
    Reference to Table which indicates the identifier for the item.
    Count Unit
    Unit of measure for the inventory item.
    Audit Date
    Date the audit was ran.
    Is balance reconciled?
    was the pre-inventory balance reconciled to the audit inventory balance?
    Reconciliation Date
    Date the balance was reconciled
    Audit memo
    Pre Audit Quantity
    Amount of inventory before the audit
    Stockroom ref
    If the audit is for consumables, which stockroom is the audit referencing?
    Identifier List
    For non-consumables, which identifier list for the identifier field is used.
  6. To reconcile the balance, press Analyze. To update the audit information, press Update.

If there is a discrepancy for the audit, the Inventory Audit Results table is updated with a new record for the audit results.