The AssetPath Portal gives users an efficient dashboard that blend together an arsenal of asset management tools into one place.


In order to use the AssetPath Portal, you must have AssetPath installed from the ServiceNow Store.

Dashboard Categories

The AssetPath Portal dashboard is divided into six sections: Knowledge Base, Self Service, Fleet, Materials, My Work, and My Dashboard. These categories are explained below.

  1. Knowledgebase

    The knowledgebase is a collection of articles which answer questions about the application. This feature can be accessed through the “How can we help?” search at the top of the page, or through the Knowledge link on the navigation bar located at the top of the application.

  2. Self Service

    The Self Service section allows users to create a New Work Order requests or a New Reservation request for a room or vehicle. This section also has an option for a user to view the Service Catalog, view their service requests through My Requests, and view their reservations.

  3. Fleet

    AssetPath’s Fleet section allows users to view and manage their physical assets. This includes maintenance and repair tracking, as well as fleet breakdowns.

  4. Materials

    The Materials section of this dashboard gives quick access to item tracking and transfers, inventory audits, and assets reaching their end of life (EOL).

  5. My Work

    This section allows users to view their Stockroom, view Unassigned Work, view the users Group’s Work, and view the Facilities Map. Along with these views, the user is able to manage User Skills. Lastly, a dashboard option links you to the AssetPath Work Orders.

  6. My Dashboard

    The final section of the AssetPath application is the user’s dashboard. Here the user will find tables for the users Assets, Approvals, Audits, and Work Orders assigned to them.