The AssetPath Work Order Dashboard bring all your work order management together in a single dashboard. The following overview will show this dashboard and explain its features.


The work order dashboard is divided into two columns. The left column consists of two tables; AssetPath WOs and Maintenance Plan Records.

AssetPath Work Orders

Maintenance Plan Records

Asset Path WO’s (work orders)
List of the current work orders with respective fields such as classification, priority, state, etc.
Maintenance Plan Records
List of planned maintenances with fields for the associated asset and the next run time.

The right column is divided into three unique graphs. These graphs are: Work Orders By State, Work Orders By Classification, and Work Orders By Type.

WOs By State
Chart which groups work orders by state. For example: Waiting Approval, Approved, Draft, etc.
WOs By Classifications
Chart which groups work orders work classification. For example: oil changes, mechanical repairs, plumbing, etc.
WOs By Type
Chart which groups work orders by Type. For example: Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, etc.