1. Overview

The settings to create a new data generator is set here.

2. Creating a new Generation Definition

  1. Navigate to Stave Data Tools > Data Generator > Create new Generation Definition
  2. Fill in the following form
  3. Submit, or Save

Field Description
Number An identifier set automatically by the application.
Table Select the table to be used for the data generation.
Description A textual description set by user.
Fields Select the fields to generate data for. Currently only the following field types are supported: String, Integer, Reference, and Choice fields.
Choice Setting Select the data generation type for Choice fields. Random or Evenly Distributed.
Reference Setting Select the data generation type for Reference fields. Random or Evenly Distributed.
Set Values  Enter an array of objects to set additional fields with common values. 
{"[field name]": "[value]"},
{"[field name": "[value]"}
{"short_description": "Test Short Description"}