1. Overview

The settings to create a new monitored phrase is set here.

2. Creating a new Monitored Phrase

  1. Navigate to Stave Data Tools > Data Masker > Create new Monitored Phrase
  2. Fill in the following form
  3. Submit, or Save

Field Description
Name An identifier set by user.
Description A textual description set by user.
Table Select the table to be used for the monitored phrase.
Regular Expression The expression being matched. Always check the regular expression being matched using a service like https://regex101.com/
Fields Select the fields to monitor. 
Mode  Select Replace or Alert. Replace will replace the monitored phrase as indicated in the definition. Alert will send an alert notification.
Active Check to make the definition active.
Replace Text If Replace is selected, enter in the replacement text.
Exclude Character Characters to exclude.
Order Run order of definition
First Select to mask the first character of the monitored phrase.
Last Select to mask the last character of the monitored phrase.