What is Stave Maps?

Stave Map is a fully certified ServiceNow application that can show any record that has location information on an Esri ArcGIS Onine or Google map.

I have created maps using ArcGIS Online, can I use it in your application?

Yes.  All you need is your web map ID.  Navigate to ArcGIS.com and open up your map.  The web map's ID is the value at the end of the URL.  For example if your map URL is 
http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=d5e02a0c1f2b4ec399823fdd3c2fdebd, the ID would be d5e02a0c1f2b4ec399823fdd3c2fdebd.

Also if you have created a legend for your map, it will automatically be shown in Stave Maps.

What if I don't have a web map?

No problem.  By default we will create a map for you.

What map providers are supported?

Esri ArcGIS Online and Google Maps are currently supported.

Which records will be shown?

Any record with a location field that can store latitude and longitude information.  Stave Maps allows you to select the table, then you can specify a filter to select only the desired records.

What kind of information is shown to user?

Stave Maps is fully customizable, so it is up to you on what you like to show to the user.  For every record there will be a marker on the map.   If a marker is clicked, a popup window will open.  Once again, it is up to you on what you like to show in that popup window.  We have provided you with a mechanism to run server-side scripts for each record and show the result on the map.

What kind of marker is shown on the map?

You have 3 options:
  1. Provide your own marker:  You can attach any image to the form and it will show as a marker on the map.
  2. Select one from the images database:  Select any image from your instance's database
  3. Use the default one:  If the options 1 and 2 are not provided then Stave Maps will default to a red circle as a marker

I can't access the image database:

You must have admin or image-admin role.

Administrators can select an image from the database that will used as the default marker for the map.

My map is blank.

If you see a map but there are not any markers on it follow these steps to troubleshoot:
  1. Make sure the table and with the filter applied result into some records
  2. You must select the field that holds the location information
  3. Do the records have any information in their location field
  4. The locations must have altitude and longitude values
  5. You must have the appropriate rights to access the table.