1 Overview

Stave Shared Services is a collection of applications that can be shared between different departments of an organization.

2 Application Dependencies

  • List all plugins required: None 
  • List all system table permissions required: None 

3 Configuration Instructions

There isn’t any extra configuration required after the application is installed from the ServiceNow Store.

4 External System Connection

This application does not contain any integration components.

5 Testing the configuration

This application does not require any communication with external systems.

6 Demo Data

There is not any demo data required to install the application, however, we have provided some demo data that can be installed.  The demo data will help you better understand the application, and you can modify them to suit your needs.

7 Support and Troubleshooting

• Support Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm PST
Support Days of Operation: Monday - Friday except holidays
Promised Call Response Time: Within 4 hours of received support request
Promised Call Resolution Time: Within 5-10 business days of response
Contact Method: email, phone
Contact Details:
Stave Application Support
(855) 248-5708

7.1 Troubleshooting

Since the installation is fully handled by ServiceNow and there are not any external configuration needed, there should not be any problem installing the application.  However, if you run in to any issue please let us know.