Awarding contracts is a method of evaluating tender offers and accepting the winning offer.


You must have write permissions in order to check out a request contract to update an award.


Once the bidding period is complete and a tender’s offer is selected, it can be recorded by adding it to the Contract Awards table.

  1. Open the ProcurementPath Portal.

  2. Select the contract Request from My Contract Requests.

  3. Scroll to Related Lists

  4. Related Lists

  5. Select Check out to reserve the contract request.

  6. Select Contract Awards in Related Lists.

  7. Contract Award List

    Award Identifier.
    Contract Request
    The contract requests the award references.
    Vendor selected.
    Award Date
    Date the award was set.
    Contract Model
    The contracts model.
    Resulting Contract
    Reference to new contract in contract table.
    Notice Data
    Field for Notice data about contract.
    Start Date
    Beginning date of the contract.
    End Date
    Ending date of the contract.
    Point of Contact
    Individual or group who acts as point of contact.
    Award Notification
    Check if award notification was sent.
    Award Reported
    Check if award was reported.
    Award Posted
    Check if award was posted.