Stave Procurement Path comes equipped with an extensive default workflow, though a new workflow can be created if needed.


This guide assumes the user has system administration privileges and has experience with configurations.


It is highly recommended to clone and modify the existing workflow.


  1. Open Workflow > Workflow Editor.

    Since Stave Procurement Path is built on the ServiceNow platform, see ServiceNow Workflow Editor

  2. Either select Contract Managers Procedure or one of the Stave Contract workflows and select the options icon > Copy, or select the Plus button located in the workflow options to create a new workflow.

  3. Create New Workflow

  4. Enter the workflow name and add the table reference when creating a new Workflow. Next, add the condition at which it runs and select Submit.

    see ServiceNow Workflow palette for official documentation

  5. Once the workflow is created, select the options icon > Publish to finalize the workflow.