When an organization wishes to initialize a demand idea, a user can create a new forecast demand record to initiate a process for screening the demand. The demand can be created in the Forecast Management Section of Stave ProcurementPath.

Form Elements

The new Forecast Demand request form is split into two columns, shown below.

The following table are the field names and a short description of each.

Unique identifier for the record
Department portfolio to use
priority of the demand
Demand Portfolio
demand portfolio from demand portfolio module.
product Management plan
Demand Manager
Demand manager in charge of the demand request
Level of attention the demand should need
Type of the demand, defaults are project and enhancement
Category of the demand, defaults are strategic, operational, and tactical
reference to the periods table. Allows the user to select the time period the demand is for
Start Date
Date at which the demand would start
Due Date
Date at which the demand would end
Submitted By
User who submits the demand
Forecast Demand Name
Label given to the forecast demand request
Organization for the forecast demand
Goal of the forecast demand
Procurement Length
length of the procurement stage
Procurement Type
type of procurement
Estimated Base Procurement Value
affects cost, defaults are: Estimated Total, and Multi-Year Procurement Value
estimated cost of the forecast demand request
Short Description*
A short description of the forecast demand. Should highlight purpose
Business Case
The business case description of the forecast demand
T-Shirt size
T-Shirt size, default is small.
Operational Expense
Assessed Expense
Watch list
List of uses who are notified of changes
Work Note List
Users to provide work notes
Mandatory Field