The purpose of Forecast Management is for an organization to store future ideas or plans that could eventually come down the pipeline and become products or features.


The above image shows the modules for the Forecast Demand section of Stave ProcurementPath. Below is a table with a description of each module.

Create New
Create a new forecast demand request record.
Forecast Demand HomePage
dashboard showing list of records and graphs for demand request records.
Demand Portfolio
Portfolio/templates for forecast demand requests.
Forecast Rating Lookups
Rating templates for forecast demand requests.
List of users who affect forecast demands.
All Demand
List of all demand request.
My Organization Demand
List of all the users organizations demand requests.
List of all demand request which have been submitted.
All Periods
List of different date period types.
Open Demands
List of all open demand requests.
My Demands
List of all users demand requests.