The Stave ProcurementPath suite is a collection of features that complete a variety of procurement process tasks, such as creating and managing the steps for a new contract request, managing purchase orders, and tracking potential projects or ideas as they progress through the pipeline.


Stave ProcurementPath is divided into a number of modules in ServiceNow, which are: Contract Requests, Contract Management, Forecast Management, Purchase Orders, Administration, and Support.

Each module has a specific purpose, which are listed in the table below.

Getting Started
A link to this page.
A dashboard with an overview of contracts, requests, and approvals.
Procurement Knowledge
A link to the ProcurementPath knowledgebase.
Procurement Portal
A link to the ProcurementPath user portal which provides a unique and engaging interface for users to use ProcurementPath.
Contract Request
Module for managing contract requests before the contracts have been awarded. These include new and progressing contracts, points of contact, clauses, skills, and contract request tasks.
Contract Management
Module for managing awarded contracts. Users can see schedules, documents, key dates, research types, and vendors who have contracts.
Forecast Management
Module for managing potential projects before they begin being considered for the pipeline.
Purchase Orders
Module for managing purchase orders, payments, and invoices related to contracts.
Module for organizations administrators. This section has links to system and portal properties, portal themes, and metadata.
App support links and contact links.