Adding key dates to a contract is an important feature for procurement contracts and for management. Key dates appear in the Key Dates section of both the ProcrementPath portal and ProcurmentPath Managers Portal.


Procurement Portal

  1. Open the ProcurementPath Portal

  2. Open the contract you wish to add a POC to from the My Contract Requests table.

  3. Press New Key Date in the Key Dates section of the contract request.

  4. Key Dates

    Key date identifier.
    Person or company offering service.
    Check if key date is active.
    Contract Request
    Contract of new key date.
    Start Date
    Beginning of the key date.
    End Date
    End of the key date.
    Short description
    Short description about the key date.
    Full description of the key date.
  5. Once the form is filled out, press Save.

ProcurementPath Managers Portal

  1. Open the ProcurementPath Managers Portal with the navigator.

  2. Select View All Key Dates in the Upcoming Dates section.

  3. Press New in the key dates title header.

  4. The new key date form has the same input fields as the procurementPath Portal. Enter the key date information and press Save.