Procurement Path contains an extensive default procurement workflow, but if custom workflows or multiple workflows are required, new configurations are needed.


It is assumed that the user or system administrator has experience with ServiceNow configurations and workflows, and assumes new management and contract workflows were created prior to continuing.


Default Value

If you wish to change the default workflow for requests, your system administrator must make the following change.

  1. Open Stave Procurement Path > Contract Request > All Contract Requests.

  2. Select any contract request.

  3. Alt-select the workflow label and select Configure Dictionary.

  4. Configure Directory

  5. Open the default Value tab and enter the sys_id of the new default workflow.


If you wish to have multiple workflows for different contract types, your system admin can add a script to modify the workflow chosen based on the contract type and/or other fields of the form. This feature is not provided in the default product.