This article will cover common questions regarding Stave Procurement Path.

How do you prevent unauthorized users from reading/writing contract requests?

When a contract request is created, it has the options for which users have access to view and modify the contract. If a user is not in one of these lists, they will not be able to view or modify the request. For example, if a user does not have read access, they cannot see the request. If they have write access, they can read and write changes to the request.

How do you prevent unauthorized users from viewing documents?

Users with Manager permissions can add documents to a request. When a document is added, the manager can select the user or group who have access to view the document. Only these users may view the document.

How many workflows can a contract request have?

A contract request follows a single workflow with multiple sub-workflows. A contract request may have many sub-workflows but only a single main workflow.

Who can see a contract request?

Only those who have read permissions can view a contract request.

Where are documents stored?

Documents are stored on the client’s instance unless a link is provided on the Link field of the new document.

Do we need to create new user ID’s to use ProcurementPath?

No. Existing user ID’s can be used across all ServiceNow applications.

Does ProcurementPath integrate with single sign-on?

Yes. ProcurementPath was build on the ServiceNow platform, and since ServiceNow has single sign-on, so does ProcurementPath.

Does ProcurementPath require any extra software/servers?

ProcurementPath does not need any extra software or servers to run.

If a contract has expired, can you re-open it instead of creating a new one?

Once a contract has expired, you may submit for review a contract renew.

If an extension is granted? Is there an extension line or something to that affect to track extensions?

Once a contract is awarded, it is placed in a ServiceNow out-of-the-box contract table. Through this table, filters can be used to view extended contracts.

Can I configure widgets on the procurement path portal?

Configurations can be made on the portal by system administrators. Simply control + click on the widget and select Instance Options.

Can I revert a contract request status back a state after the change was made?

System administrators may change the status back, but users and managers are unable to make this change.

Can I access the ProcurementPath portals on a mobile device?

All of ServiceNow and applications that use the platform are accessible through a mobile device.

I created a contract request record and went through all the tasks. What do I do now?

Once all the tasks are completed, you may award the contract to a vendor. At this point, it is added to the contracts table and the request is finalized.